In this episode Rylee dives into the importance of networking both for those seeking a greater self experience and equally if you are an entrepreneur, the best way to evolve your level of thinking and your willingness to take actions is to get in the rooms with the people who are following their passions, healing and changing their lives looking forward to better.

There is something so powerful about being around women who are in their vision or taking action on a greater vision. It is a nervous system disruptor when you put yourself in unfamiliar experiences however, the benefits massively outweigh the results of the fear you felt going in.

Women need women who understand what they are moving through to support them in times of change, celebration and growth. THIS type of experience is what will set a new precedence for what it means to watch women go to the top. We aren't here to knock anyone else off their pedestal, just rise, support, and enjoy the journey along the way (yes were going to dig into feminism lol)

Sip & Social In-Person Networking Event For Female Business Owners & Entrepreneurs In #YEG
Get your ticket to come and join us live for networking, games, door prizes, and boujee eats!

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