On this episode of Intuitively Connected, Rylee walks you through understanding why your emotional intelligence is wildly important when it comes to trusting the voice and nudges of your intuition.


Your emotions are constantly directing you to look deeper into where you're at, and what's truly going on underneath the surface of you! However, understand that your emotional responses aren't always truth!


In this episode, we get clear on the difference between these two internal voices to help you lead a more empowered and connected life.


In this program you will learn how to eliminate the new age deceptive practices and go straight to: 

  • Understanding what the 4 pillars of connecting to you truly is and how to apply them to your life to become more intuitively guided, connected and healed from your past.
  • The ability to stabilize your emotions, thoughts and energy welcoming optimism, empowerment and discernment
  • Awakened to a greater vision of your future; rooted in hope, faith and potential.
  • Seeing beyond the false lights and deception that exists in the energy space. 
  • Knowing exactly how to disconnect from the distractions  and noise of the world, the wounds of your past and be able to discern the difference between your fear and intuition so that you can listen to the holy spirit within you guiding you to peace, adventure, and release!

It’s time to nurture and ascend yourself unlike ever before.
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